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International Business Law

St-Amant & Vien Avocats d’affaires can help you operate abroad and manage the risks associated with your projects in markets such as the United States and Europe. To that end, Martin St-Amant has developed expertise in international trade over the past 30 years, having studied international trade law in Europe and the United States. Moreover, he actively participated in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) as a negotiator. Our team also assists foreign companies take advantage of the huge North American market by providing support for their commercial projects. Furthermore, with our extensive knowledge of international treaties, we can help you secure opportunities abroad.
  • Drafting and negotiating international contracts such as distribution, commercial agent, sales, supply, licensing, joint development, joint venture and financing agreements
  • Regulatory compliance and product applications in foreign markets
  • Letters of credit and financing
  • Establishment of foreign subsidiaries or branches
  • Import and export licenses
  • Acquisitions on foreign markets
  • Customs duties and rules of origin
  • Foreign public procurement markets
  • Intellectual property
  • Foreign litigation management
  • Work visa in the United States

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